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Here are a list of Helpers and their cost to own/hire them. After you own one, and you can only own one, you control that Helper. You can sell a Helper for whatever price you want to as long as a Player is buying him, and I get an email from that player. The Helpers start out with stats that are already determined by me, and can only go up by battling, unless you wish for them to train using the Dragon Balls of any Planet.

Nail (Namek): $2000

Dende (Namek): $750

Cargo (Namek): $1500

Korin (Earth): $1000

Bardock  (Old Vegeta): $1750

Pegasus  (New Vegeta): $1750

Mr. Satan (Earth) $750

Yajirobi (Earth): $500

Saiba Men (no owners yet)

.and others to come