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You can always sell your item back to the shop keeper and receive half of the money that you can buy it for. You can also sell items to other players for as much as you want, but only if I get an e-mail from that player proving their consent.

You can only have one of each of these items:

Saiyan space pod- $500 holds 1 person

Space ship $1000 can hold 2 people

Namek space ship- $1500 can hold 4 people

Gravity Amplifier- self training is 3x reward, and sparring gives 50PL and 50MP instead of 30, but the reward for winning is the same (not cumlative):

- For Space ship- $10000

- For Namek Space ship or bigger- $12500

Armor- $100 ups power level 20

Wrist Weights- $200 ups power level 40

Weighted Clothes- $300 ups Power level 50

Training Gear- $500 ups power level 80

Saiyan Armor- $800 ups power level 100

Namek cape- $1000 ups power level 110

Super Armor- $2000 ups power level 200

Dagger- $300 ups mp 50

Spear- $400 ups mp 60

Power Pole- $500 ups mp 80

Sword- $900 ups mp 100

Time Sword- $2000 ups mp 200


You can have more than one of each of these items:

Sensu bean - $1000 restores power level & Mp (Limit of 5

*Namek Root - $650 restores half of your starting PL and MP (limit of 10)

*Saiba man seed - $750 a Saiba Man with a PL100 MP0 and acts like a Helper (limit of 2 Saiba Men total)

*Mega Saiba Man seed - $1500 Saiba Man with PL200 MP0 and acts like a Helper (limit of 2 Saiba Men total)

*Porta Ear Rings - $2000 for a set - check rules pages - can make two people fuse for 3 days

NOTE: The '*' indicates items that may not yet be obtained or purchased.