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It takes one day to find an Earth Dragonball, in which a character can do nothing else. No training or battleing. Buying/Selling Items is ok though.

After 5 dragonballs are found, a tournament will be held exactly one week later, or maybe another day if schedules conflict, over AOL Instant Messenger. The tournament will have a progression tree that follows the average tournament tree. Basically, each person will fight others. If they win, they progress; if they loose, they will battle once more for placement. Items are not to be used in the tourney(like sensu beans) and no teams. The Prizes are as follows:

1st Place-1 Earth DB, $500

2nd Place-$500

3rd Place-$400

4th Place-$300

5th Place-$250

6th Place-$200

7th Place-$100

Once the tournament is over I will simulate a battle between Garlic Jr. and those who have at least one Earth dragonball.

Garlic Jr.

PL 2000

MP 2250

Moves: Jumpkick, Yama Lock, Tsu u Beam, Crasher Ball, Heal (can heal himself), Rocket Punch, Masenko

Items: 1 Earth Dragonball and 1 Namek Cape for each who fight him

Once Garlic Jr. is defeated, the person with the least amount of dragonballs gets his dragonball. Or if their is a tie, I will decide who gets the dragonball based on need. Eveyone who fights him gets a Namek Cape.

The Earth Dragon balls revived