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Spars are now allowed over AOL Instant Messenger (AIM for short) or other instant messaging services. But to prevent people becoming too strong, spars will not be allowed until Frieza has been fought in his third (3rd) form.

Spars rules are as follows:

1. To spar with someone, you must be on the same planet.

2. Sparring is not considered a battle nor training, and thus does not conflict with the 1 battle a day rule, and yet still allows for training under a trainer

3. Sparring follows all battle rules

4. A character can spar with other players up to 4 times a week (between Mon-Sun), regardless of when the last spar occured.

5. Helpers can participate in spars, even if they cannot train otherwise, but only once a week with their owner.

6. A sparring session ends once someone's PL reaches 0 or someone quits.

7. Nobody dies from spar, ever.

8. Super Self Levels can be reached in spars, but only if the stats before the spar were sufficient.

9. Everyone who participates in a spar gets 30PL and 30MP.

10. The declared winner of the spar gets a prize related to their species as follows:

a. Saiyans: an extra 15 PL and 15MP

b. Nameks: an extra 10 PL and 10 MP and $50 (not from loser(s)' money)

c. Humans: an extra 10 PL and 10 MP and $100 (not from loser(s)' money)

11. Spars must be copied directly from the instant messaging service, but must give direct identification on to who is who

12. A spar only counts once I get an email from all participants. If I don't get an email within 48 hours of the posting of the spar, it is nullified.

Other rules may be added in the future and will be updated on this page, but notification will be provided on the Message Board.