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The Tournament and Missions

Mission #1 Conquer the Hellena Army

Mission #2 Defeat Emperor Diaz

Mission #3 Elemental Dangers

Mission #4 Raze the Power Plants

Mission Rules:

1. If the player cannot defeat the enemy or is otherwise told that they have failed the mission, they will lose half of their money and 2 random items. Also, all consequences stated in the mission will also take effect.

2. Missions are to be completed within 2 weeks, unless the mission requires more time to complete it. If the Mission requires more time to complete, it must be finished within that amount of time plus 1 week.

3. No training with trainers is allowed, only self training.

4. No random battles with NPCs are allowed.

5. Each battle/group battles give the participants regular battle stats.

6. All single/group battles add the battle stats regardless of how many are done in that day, but battle stats are only added for each battle, not participants.
(e.g. If you fight 3 soldiers in one battle, and then another two in another battle in the same day, you get battle stats x2, not x5.)

7. If more than one battle occurs in a day, player stats that remain from the first battle carry to the next battle.
(e.g. When you fought those 3 soldiers before you finished with 2000PL and 1200MP, so when you fought the other two, you start with 2000PL and 1200MP, not your original stats.)