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The General

The rules are numerous, but simple, in fact, you don't even have to know most of the rules until later in the game and after you have already gotten used to the system. Everything is done in the Role Play board, unless specified otherwise.

Your stats are pretty simple. First you have your Power Level (PL) and Magic Power (MP). Your PL is how much damage you can take, and your MP is how much ki attacks you can do.


Characters are the people you and others control. For example, I am Goten, and so I control everything Goten does, you cannot, but I can. If you want to include another Character into your message, then I must receive an e-mail from that character within 24 hours of the message being posted, to verify that it is true, or I will void your message.

None Playing Characters

NPCs for short, these people cannot be controlled as Goten, or Goku. No one can make them travel, train or anything of the sort, there is an endless amount of them unless told otherwise. You can battle them, and that's about it. Now, it is also a possibility that after a specific NPC is defeated, that he/she can be wished back by the dragon balls and become your Helper (see next section), but that is still debatable.


Helpers are characters that you control only after you buy them. If you own one, you control every aspect of them. The only problem is that they cannot train unless they wish for it from the Dragon Balls. Their prices are on their stats page, and to actually hire them, you must be on the same planet as them and stronger than them. After you hire them, you can control them no matter where they are. Saiba men can be considered helpers, but they cannot train, period. And do not count against your one-helper limit. Also, Saiba men cannot have MP ever. They know only regular attacks up to jumpkick, but once they reach 1000PL, they automatically learn Yama Lock


Battles are simple, you can just make them up, but there are limits. First, you have to keep yours and your opponent's stats real. No making up how strong you want to be. Now, I'm not guaranteeing that your stats will always be accurate by updating, but try to make it as accurate as you can and explain how you got to your numbers. Second of all, you can only fight the None Playing Characters (NPCs) that are on the planet you are on. For example, you cannot fight a Renegade Namek on Earth. Second, each participant in a battle can do up to 2 attacks or moves per turn. If you choose to only do one move on one turn, you cannot do three in another. Who ever goes first is based on you, but if you say someone ambushes you, they attack first. Also, when one fights, they do not use their weakest attack on you when they can wipe you away. If I see that you make someone jump kick you when they can just Kamehameha you to death, that whole battle is void, or you are dead, it is your choice.

For Battling, you get 40PL and 25MP, but there will be adjustments based on the role playing factor of the post. If the post is role played well, then there may be a bonus for your character's post. This will be the overall rpg-factor which will be based on what I decide. I will either post what I decided to add, or just update your character with it. Just to be safe, check the character page every day.

An example of a battle:

Goten PL600 MP400


Tenkaichi PL450 MP500

Goten MP0 Dragon Fistx2 TF PL50

TF: "Oh yeah, take this" 0MP Fire Kickx2 Goten PL100

Goten MP0 Yardrat Combox2 TF dead

Goten receives $100, 40PL and 25MP

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